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Corfu: Your One-Stop-Spot for your Holiday Activities + Interactive Map

Updated: Apr 4

Must -Do activities for an anforgetable Corfu holiday


Dear Traveller, 

Hello, and thank you for being here!


This post represents our intention to create a One-Spot Stop- or your Starting Point where you can easily find inspiration on what you can do during your holiday time in Corfu! 

As you may have already realised, we like plans, maps and to-do lists. Our blog aims to keep our posts short yet informative and helpful. Still, this particular post is lengthy compared to our usual standards. But it is lengthy because it includes almost all the sights, landmarks and activities a traveller can enjoy in Corfu. The descriptions are as brief as possible since we firmly believe that it is better to experience each sight when there!

With so much noise from our electronic devices and the endless advertisement circles, sometimes it takes effort to spot what is important. We have done all the research and preparation work for you. We have created an interactive map that includes all the locations of the landmarks and sights mentioned. The map allows you to locate which experiences are near you each time! By clicking on your preferred activity - sight or landmark on the map, you can get directions via Google Maps. It's simple and easy to use and saves you much time! (we might be amateur bloggers, but based on our beloved Vespa travellers' feedback, we are experts in offering the best sightseeing tips).

If you have limited time in Corfu and need a shorter list, we have gathered the most remarkable landmarks and sights in our post titled "Corfu 11 + 1 Unmissable Sights & Landmarks: Interactive map included". 

Easily navigate to your favourite activity - experience using the index list below, or preferably, enjoy reading the entire post!


map of Corfu showing activities on emust do in Corfu island
Corfu Holiday Must-Do Activities

Old Town of Corfu

Discover Corfu's charming historic old town and wander through its picturesque alleyways. Experience the city's unique ambience during the day and at night.

Marvel at the remnants of past architecture and appreciate its beauty. Take the chance to climb the Old Fortress and enjoy the stunning panoramic view.

💡 Insiders Tip: If you are not staying in Corfu Town, we strongly recommend visiting the city during the weekends and especially on a Sunday morning! Sundays are the best days of the week. You can see the charming town of Corfu in a more quiet ambience!

Find below the exact locations of must-see attractions in Corfu town! Tap on the location names for directions, or use the interactive map:

Corfu old town must visit
Corfu old town, Spianada square 📸: Eddie Kastamonitis

Corfu town at night time
📸: Eddie Kastamonitis, Corfu town at night time

Mon Repos Estate is an oasis. If you stay in Corfu Town, you can easily spend half a day here! 

It is within a 30-minute walk (4.1 km) from the old city - Liston area and a 10-minute ride from the city center. The former royal resident hosts the small "Museum of Palaiopolis " As you wander in the lush vegetation paths, you will discover two archaeological Temples, "The Temple of Hera" 610 BC and " Doric Temple of Kardaki" 500 BC and many archaeological remnants! Mon Repos was the birthplace of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (the husband of Queen Elizabeth II). Remember to wear your swimming suit and swim in Mon Repos Beach Dock. Locals love to swim here. And why not pack some snacks and refreshments and have a picnic experience under the shade of the tall trees?

Find below the exact locations of must-see attractions in Mon Repos Estate. Tap on the location names for directions, or use the interactive map:

Photo collage: Mon Repos Palace - Villa exterior, Temple of Hera, man waiving his hand beetween archaiological reminants, interior of the palace, the long dock build of stones ending on a cove with lush vegetation, pick-nick tables under tall pine trees shade
📷: Google Maps + Tripadvisor

Visit traditional local villages

Walk around and follow the narrow alleys, observing the traditional local architecture of the village. Take note of the signs of abandonment and the way locals interact with each other, how they greet one another. Savor the lovely scent of blooming jasmine and admire the vivid colors of the bougainvilleas. Enjoy a Greek coffee or a refreshing drink at a 'Kafeneion' (coffee shop), visit the village bakery to buy 'Koulouria' - traditional Greek biscuits flavored with vanilla, orange, lemon, anise, raisins, almonds, or cocoa - or try some phyllo pastry pies! Slow down, remain present and cherish every moment!

There are numerous small local traditional villages to explore! If we had to choose just five of them, we were going to choose the following ones:

Tap on the location names above and find directions from your location to each village.

Find below a four-minute (4-minute) informative video about the old Perithia, the oldest village in Corfu!

Kouramades traditional Village Corfu, a Vespa scooter is parked in front of a traditional cafe
📸: K. Alamanou , Kouramades Village
Kaiser William II Observatory

Kaiser William II Observatory is not only a sunset spot, but you can also enjoy a 360-degree view of Corfu Island!


Angelokastro - Byzantine Castle

Angelokastro is a Byzantine castle located near the Plaiokastritsa Resort region! You will have to walk up to the castle. There are a lot of steps, and it takes 10-15 minutes to reach the top of the castle! The view from the top of the castle is breathtaking and worth the walk uphill, as well as the 3 euro entrance fee! Please remember to wear sturdy shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and comfortable clothing, and have some water with you!

Last but not least, you will find a parking area near the ticket office, please drive carefully and slowly because the road is very narrow and tourist buses visit the sights sometimes.

corfu Anggelokastro

Angelokastro byzantine Castle from above. Rocky terrain, small church on the top, stone walls sarounded by lush vegetation and the sea
📷 : Daniele Fasoli via Google Maps

Learn about the local olive oil production and taste some.

In Corfu island, numerous small, family-owned olive oil factories produce high-quality olive oil from their olive groves. Many of these establishments provide opportunities for olive-tasting sessions and tours of their facility.

Some of them are:

Please tap on the location names for directions.

seven diferent botles of locally produced olive oil in Corfu

Planespotting & Vlaherna Monastery

Visit Kanoni Harbour (near Corfu town) and watch the aeroplanes landing! You can watch the aeroplanes from the Kanoni harbour (plenty of parking space available) or from one of the cafes above the harbour.

You can also visit Vlaherna, a tiny monastery and the Corfu emblem (it used to be advertised in every travel brochure). You will walk on a small pedestrian street to the middle of a small bay, where the small church is located.

Must visit when in Corfu Vlaherna Monastery
Vlaherna Monastery Corfu

must visit  when in Corfu Kanoni harbour_planewatching

Achilleion Palace

Achilleion Palace was built by the Empress of Austria Elisabeth, also known as Sisi, in 1890. It is one of the most iconic landmarks on the island and features a unique combination of art nouveau and neo-classical architecture. Its terrace offers stunning views over the Ionian Sea and it is home to several Greek-inspired sculptures, including the famous statue of Achilles. Unfortunately, the palace is under renovation. Click here to check if it is open (Google Maps) to visitors or check at the Museums' official website here. (Please be aware that they may have only opened the garden to visitors.).

Must visit Achilleion Palace when in Corfu
The 'Peristyle of the Muses' of Achilleion (a garden surrounded by columns)

Listen to the sound of birds singing or go birdwatching!

If you love birdwatching, we highly recommend you visit the following locations which are ideal for birding in Corfu :

Chalikiopoulos lake (where the airport is located)

The Grey heron (bird species) has established a permanent colony in Mon Repos. Additionally, the environmentalist has seen some pairs of White Egrets (Egretta garzetta) building their nests there lately!

Please tap on the location names above for directions. Please note that you will need binoculars.

Learn a few Greek words  or Phrases 

This will make your interactions with locals even more pleasant or adventurous, and it might remind you that it is ok to make mistakes; no one is perfect (the Greek language will help you soak that in..)

Basic Greek words to practice during your holiday
Basic Greek words to practice during your holiday

Must taste local products and food.

(olive oil, olives, honey, wine, liquor, spoon sweets and local cuisine delicacies) In our previous posts, you can read more about what to eat in Corfu and what to drink.

alcoholic beverages one must taste when in Corfu
Must taste Soft drinks produced in Corfu from small local businesses.
Soft drinks produced in Corfu from small local businesses.

Swim in the sea and have a siesta by the sea

Wear a hat, stay protected under shade, and wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Listen to the sweet lullaby that the waves whisper.

a man having a siesta under the trees watching the sea, a bourgoundy Vespa is in front of the camera that took the picture
📷 : Marian Chinciusan 🛵 : Vespa GTS 125cc Touring

Rent a boat, a sea pedal boat, a canoe or a SUP board

You can rent a sea pedal boat, a canoe or a SUP board in various locations in Corfu. Please tap on the location names for directions. Dasia , Palaioakstritsa - many boat rental companies located here, Agios Spyridon, Kalami Watersports: Waterski & Wakeboard, Agios Gordios, Sidari, Asprokavos watersports (Kavos area) and Glyfada are some locations where you can rent them. Usually the rental fee is per hour or per activity session.

things to do in Corfu, rent a sea pedal boat
Sea pedal boat

DIY Clay face or whole body mask!

Did you know that Corfu has many places with clay cliffs? It's perfect for those who want to have a DIY clay mud spa experience! Some of the Corfiot beaches, where you can find clay cliffs are Arillas, Sidari, Logas, Arkoudilas, and Kondoyalos.

Find directions from your location to each location by clicking on the location names above.

Corfu what to do. DIY clay spa
Kondoyalos beach 📸:

Watch at least one sunset.

The sunset is beautiful to watch from many locations! If we had to choose just three of them, we were going to choose:

Kaiser's Throne is located in central west Corfu

Logas Beach is located in northwest Corfu

Afionas Sunset viewpoint is located in northwest Corfu

sunset from above the beach of Glyfada. Land with lush vegetation - clifs ending to the sea
Sunset above Glyfada beach 📸: Tobias Reich

Watch at least one sunrise.

In our humble opinion, the sunrise is spectacular to watch anywhere from the eastern parts of Corfu or any high pick. Starting from Corfu town (port - Faliraki - Windmill - Old Fortress) to Banitses, Messonghi, Moraitika, and Alykes Lefkimmis.

Sunrise- Corfu port, Corfu Town
Sunrise- Corfu town, Corfu port

Walk at least once barefoot at the beach at night and watch the moon and the starry sky! (preferably choose a sandy beach)

The reason that you should choose a sandy beach is to guarantee that you have a smooth walk. Ideally, choose a beach that you have also visited during the daytime, so you know what to expect.

Walk barefoot at a sundy beach
Marathias beach Corfu 📸: Eddie Kastamonitis

Swim at least once at sea during nighttime.

(preferably choose a sandy beach)

Ideally, choose a beach that you have also visited during the daytime, so you know what to expect!

Vasilis Metalinos - Stary sky -Porto Timoni Corfu
📸: Vasilis Metalinos - Stary sky -Porto Timoni

Listen to the sound of the waves.

Explore the countryside - Find a trail and walk, smell the Corfiot flora aromas and admire the colourful canvas of mother nature! Notice the sage green and silver colour of the olive groves, and listen to the cicadas' song.

The Corfu Trail is a unique long-distance footpath, stretching approximately 190 km. If you don't have the energy or time to walk the entire route, you can opt for shorter walks along sections of it.

Olive grove Corfu
Olive grove Corfu

Experience a local traditional festival.

At these festivals, expect to enjoy live Corfiot music, traditional dancing by locals, and delicious food!

Our comprehensive list of Corfu's traditional festivals includes directions to each location via Google Maps. Check out our "Corfu Traditional Festivals" blog post for the festivals dates and locations.

Take a boat trip.

Visit Paxos and Antipaxos Islands if you have the time. If not, leave it for a future visit. You can also take a boat trip around the island and admire the coastline from the sea.

From Papaiokastritsa, you can take a boat taxi, or you car rent a boat and visit the caves and the paradise-secluded beaches nearby! There is a boat taxi service also in Ipsos.

Corfu boat trip
Take a Boat Trip while in Corfu

Interactive Map

Please view the instructions below on making the most of the interactive map if you are still getting familiar with it!

4 steps describing how to use an Interactive Google Map. 1st pless thequare icon to open the categories and open the locations list 2nd. From the list or the map, choose your prefered location 3rd press the arrow icon to load directions via Google maps 4th you can close a category list be plessing the check symbol on each category

Corfu Adrenaline Fueled Experinces

In this post, we have included (5) the top five types of Adrenaline-Fueled experiences in Corfu! If you are interested in water sports, please visit this section here

We don't recommend the experiences listed below if you are here, in Corfu, for a day or two since there are more you must see and can see in that short period. The following experiences require all your available time and energy!


For more adrenaline-fueled experience in Corfu visit our post: Corfu: Adrenaline - Fueled Activities here!

1.X-Treme Trail to Yali Beach

Yali, in the Greek language, means glass! I love that hike! You must wear close, sturdy shoes, carry plenty of water, a hat, sunscreen, a swimming suit, and snacks. You must park your car, scooter, or ATV somewhere safe before the end of the asphalt road or (depending on the road condition) here near the Chapel of Prophet Elias and walk. Don't risk your pleasant holiday experience; try to drive off the road. You will probably cause costly damage to your rental vehicle, and road assistance service will be required!

Alternatively, You can visit Yali Beach by taxi (boat) from the Palaiokastritsa region or rent a boat from Palioakstritsa and visit Yali Beach! 

Fly like a bird for a while! Watch the beautiful island of Corfu from high above!

We love their "Beginner Climbing Tour in Makrades, Corfu." They also have a kid-friendly kid-friendly rock-climbing experience experience available!

4. Scuba Diving Experiences in Corfu:

5. ATV Safari Experinces in Corfu:

Please read reviews before deciding which ATV safari experience suits you best!
Quad Corfu Adventure Is located in Northern Corfu.
Quad Safari Corfu in Southern Corfu.
ATV Quad Safari Tour @ ThePinkPalace in central west Corfu. Pink Palace is a hostel, and this tour is ideal for young party people. Except for their ATV safaris, they are also famous for their "Tonga parties". 

Interactive Map of Adrenaline-Fueled Experiences

relax during your holiday in corfu

For more adrenaline-fueled experience in Corfu visit our post: Corfu: Adrenaline - Fueled Activities here!

Relax, Unwind & Enjoy!

Taking a break and allowing yourself to relax is crucial. Don't fear boredom, as it can lead to creative inspiration.

Our must-do list might have a slightly different approach than you expected, but we hope you will find some ideas on how to make the most of your holiday time in Corfu.

Relax during your holiday time

"If you must look back, do so forgivingly. If you must look forward, do so prayerfully. However, the wisest thing you can do is be present in the present…Gratefully. "

Maya Angelou

Have a lovely holiday time in Corfu!

Yours sincerely,


PS. Before leaving, take a moment to explore our post 'Family-friendly activities to enjoy with kids in Corfu.' We've included some additional experiences that are not only kid-friendly but also perfect for adults, giving you even more reasons to love your time spent here, in Corfu!


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