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Corfu Digital Guide + Preprogrammed Itineraries

Sometimes, all you need is a ride, internet data (to navigate), and the ability to be present in the moment!

Our "Corfu Routes" guide is designed to help you create a memorable holiday experience in Corfu without stress or hassle!

With our "Corfu Routes" guide, you need only to follow our carefully preprogrammed itineraries. But it's not just a plan—it's a stress-free plan. We understand that your energy levels and mood can change, so our digital guide allows you to adjust the itineraries effortlessly. You can add or exclude stops, ensuring a relaxing and personalized holiday experience! 

Our "Corfu Routes" guide is also the ideal travel companion for travellers visiting Corfu for a day excursion by cruise ship or from Albania renting a car or a scooter to explore Corfu! If you're on a tight schedule with just a day to explore, we highly recommend our "Above & Beyond Palaiokastritsa Route."  And if you plan to spend the day in the town, take advantage of our bonus walking route in the old city of Corfu!

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What to expect from our digital guide

"Corfu Routes"

Our "Corfu Routes"  guide is the perfect travel companion for travellers who plan to rent a car, an ATV or a scooter and explore Corfu Island. Before buying our guide, please consider that you must have internet data on your phone to use the digital guide and follow the itineraries.

Our guide does not provide guided tours. Instead, it empowers you with well-planned itineraries ready to drive and follow. This freedom to explore at your own pace is what makes our guide unique and perfect for independent travellers.

Our Corfu Routes digital guide has valuable tips and features six carefully preprogrammed driving routes (itineraries). Each route is designed to showcase the best of Corfu Island, ensuring you get all of its beauty and charm. 

Our main goal and principle is to create authentic guide content without sponsorship and share it with you from start to finish, as we would with a dear friend!

We may be low-key and humble, but the success of our Vespa scooter tour & rental company speaks volumes. Despite having only 24 scooters, our itineraries were followed over 5,000 times last year! We are incredibly grateful to our beloved Vespa travellers for choosing to follow our preprogrammed itineraries and for sharing their valuable feedback with us, allowing us to share them with a broader range of Corfu travellers confidently. We couldn't be more proud and grateful!

Before purchasing our digital guide, "Corfu Routes," please review its features to ensure it is the right digital travel companion for your Corfiot holiday journey. 


Our guide's content is independent and non-sponsored.


The digital guide features six preprogrammed itineraries that are carefully designed to make the most of your driving time and showcase different parts of Corfu.


Our beloved Vespa travellers have driven and tested the preprogrammed itineraries a few thousand times!


Our guide is ideal for travellers starting their driving journeys from Corfu town or Central Corfu areas by car, ATV, or scooter. It is also perfect for travellers planning to spend just a few hours in Corfu or an extended holiday. (If you are starting from the Northern or Southern Corfu areas, you can still follow the preprogrammed itineraries, but you will have to change the row of the itinerary stops to match your starting and ending destination)


We intentionally keep our guide brief and accurate to offer you a stress-free and hassle-free holiday experience. We understand your time is valuable, and deciding when you are bombarded with many options can be overwhelming. That's why we share only carefully selected sights, landmarks, and establishments based on our knowledge of the island, feedback from our beloved Vespa travellers, and other travellers' feedback.


While our digital guide requires a mobile phone, internet data, and familiarity with Google Maps, we've designed it to be user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring a seamless and stress-free navigation experience.

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