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Corfu 11+1 Unmissable Sights & Landmarks

Updated: Apr 4

Dear Travel Enthusiasts,

Thank you for visiting our post "Corfu 11+1 Unmissable Sights and Landmarks." In this post, we will share the top 11+1 sights and landmarks in Corfu based on feedback from our Vespa travellers. These are the places that should be on your list if you are planning to visit Corfu.

We have created an interactive map to help you quickly locate each sight and landmark. The interactive map lets you get directions and see other travellers' photos of each sight. 

If you are still getting familiar with using an interactive map, please find instructions here! Easily navigate to your favorite sight or landmark using the index list below, or preferably, enjoy reading the entire post!

Corfu 11+1 Unmissable Sights and Landmarks content list

Map of 11+1 Unmissable Sights and Landmarks in Corfu.


Old Town of Corfu

Discover Corfu's charming historic old town and wander through its picturesque alleyways. Experience the city's unique ambience during the day and at night.

Marvel at the remnants of past architecture and appreciate its beauty. Take the chance to climb the Old Fortress and enjoy the stunning panoramic view.

💡 Insiders Tip: If you are not staying in Corfu Town, we strongly recommend visiting the city during the weekends and especially on a Sunday morning! Sundays are the best days of the week. You can see the charming town of Corfu in a more quiet ambience!

Find below the exact locations of must-see attractions in Corfu town! Tap on the location names for directions, or use the interactive map:

Corfu old town must visit
Corfu old town, Spianada square 📸: Eddie Kastamonitis


Vlaherna Monastery & Planespotting

Visit Kanoni Harbour (near Corfu town) and watch the aeroplanes landing! You can watch the aeroplanes from the Kanoni harbour (plenty of parking space available) or from one of the cafes above the harbour.

You can also visit Vlaherna, a tiny monastery and the Corfu emblem (it used to be advertised in every travel brochure). You will walk on a small pedestrian street to the middle of a small bay, where the small church is located.

Must visit when in Corfu Vlaherna Monastery
Vlaherna Monastery Corfu


Kaiser William II Observatory or Kaiser's Throne

Kaiser William II Observatory is not only a sunset spot, but you can also enjoy a 360-degree view of Corfu Island!

Kaiser William II Observatory or Kaisers' Throne must visit sight in Corfu panoramic view from atop of a cliff


Palaiokastritsa Monastery

Palaiokastritsa Monastery . You don't have to be religious to visit this small, charming Monastery on the top of a peninsula overlooking the Palaiokastritsa region. As you are already guessing, one of the reasons travellers visit this Monastery is for its view of one of the most popular resort areas in Corfu. Other reasons are the charming architecture of the building and the small religious museum showcasing religious objects. Ideally, wear knee-length clothing. If you forget to dress up for a spiritual visit, don't worry; they will provide you with a cover. In the region, you can swim in one of the six bays and visit the nearby traditional village of Lakones. You can view more about Palaiokastritsas coves here! In Palaiokastritsa, you can also take a boat taxi to the nearby secluded beaches or a boat trip to the blue caves!

💡 Insiders Tip: 

There is a path from Palaiokastritsa town to Lakones village. It is an approximately 6 km route (including your return to Palioakstritsa), considered moderately challenging. It takes an average of 2 h 11 min to complete (plus the time you will spend having a refreshment or a light snack). Your hike should start from here, the "Donkey Path trail to Lakones village ." When you arrive at the village, wander around and choose to have a refreshment at a traditional Kafeneion. In the area, you can find two small traditional cafes; one of the cafes is also a bakery, or you can visit a more touristy - commercialized establishment. At Dolce Caffe, you can find homemade ice cream flavours infused with signature Corfiot and Greek flavours such as "Sikomaida", "Koumquat", "Baklava", and many more! The two traditional cafes' names are Bakalokafeneio (Bakery and Cafe) and Eftychios Traditional Cafe.

The charming yard of Palaiokastritsa monastery with purple bouguamvileas and a christian orthodox architecture bell domewith three bels


Angelokastro - Byzantine Castle

Angelokastro is a Byzantine castle located near the Plaiokastritsa Resort region! You will have to walk up to the castle. There are a lot of steps, and it takes 10-15 minutes to reach the top of the castle! The view from the top of the castle is breathtaking and worth the walk uphill, as well as the 3 euro entrance fee! Please remember to wear sturdy shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and comfortable clothing, and have some water with you!

Last but not least, you will find a parking area near the ticket office, please drive carefully and slowly because the road is very narrow and tourist buses visit the sights sometimes.

The ruins from Angelokastro captured from distance on the top of the cliff, on the back is the deep blue sea and in front the lush green vegetation, olive groves and cypress trees


Visit the Old Perithia

The Old Perithia is the oldest Village in Corfu! Once, it was one of the wealthiest local villages, but then it turned into, as locals used to call it, a "ghost village." It was an abandoned village that had recently started to be restored. When visiting the village, expect to see intense signs of abandonment and some marks from the wildfire that hit the area in 2023.

The small charming tavernas, village architecture, and buildings will travel you back in time.

Find below a four-minute (4-minute) informative video about the old Perithia, the oldest village in Corfu!


Porto Timoni Viewpoint + Beach

Porto Timoni, or "Butterfly Beach," as our beloved Vespa travellers from Poland call it, is a paradise beauty location almost untouched by human hands! The walk to the viewpoint takes approximately 20 minutes. You will need an extra 10 minutes of walking to swim at the back-to-back double beach, or if you have the energy and the time, you can walk further away and swim at the third beach! 

A woman wearing a red dress and a white hat is having a seat on the top of the viewpoint and watches underneath the back to back two beaches - coves of Porto timoni  beach and the lush green peninsula

💡 Insider Tips: Please wear close, sturdy shoes; the terrain is challenging, rocky, steep, and slippery. Carry plenty of water with you, and wear a hat and sunscreen. It is better to visit the area as early as possible to avoid the tourist crowds and the summer heat! This location is also ideal for a snorkelling experience! You should also carry some light snacks with you! When in the area, don't forget to wander around the beautiful village of Afionas!

You can view a short yet informative video about Afional Village below!


Kassiopi Town + Castle

Kassiopi is a small traditional village. It was built in ancient times (3rd century BC)and used to be a fishing village! If you follow the coastal route or plan to visit the old Perithia, stopping at Kassiopi town is a must. Wander around the small town, visit the harbour area, and see the small Byzantine fortress!

The churming fish village of Kassiopi from above, where you can see the small harbour with boata and the traditional architecture buildings with their orange and yellow roofs and some swiming pools


Canal d'Amour 

Canal d'Amour is a famous landmark because of the sandstone formations that help create beautiful cliff formations and tiny coves.

Canal d'Amour, or the channel of love, took its name from a myth that wants couples that swim together along the channel to remain happily together forever, and singles that swim along the cove will soon find their true love.

💡 Insider Tips: The tiny area might be overwhelmingly crowded, especially during high season. 

Grey clay can be found in this area for a DIY mud spa experience!

The water might look muddy if the sea is rough because of the grey clay. 

It's a sight that you might spend a couple of hours on but probably not a whole day on! Visiting the Canal d'Amour as early as possible is ideal for enjoying the location's natural beauty in a more peaceful atmosphere.

Close by is Logas Beach, which, in my humble opinion, is a must-visit!

Canal d'Amoun sandclifs and coves from above. The tifany blue waters and the green vegitation atop the clifs are the main protaginists, on the back are some hotel buildings and three swiming pools


Logas or The Sunset Beach

Logas is only 3.7km from Canal d'Amour, a 10-minute drive. The vertical, high sandstone cliffs create a dramatic landscape. It is an ideal location to watch the sunset or have a DIY clay spa session. The beach is very narrow and small, and swimming there might be impossible when the sea is too rough. If you want to visit the beach, you must follow a concrete and wooden staircase leading to the beach. If you have mobility issues, you can still admire the view above. There is a big parking area on the top of the cliff formation.

High sandstone clifs ending at the sea with green vegetation on the top of them. A big parking area is visible from above and the seventh Heaven cafe


Cape Drastis Viewpoint

Cape Drastis is a cape between Canal d' Amour and Logas Beach—within 1.7km of Logas Beach! Visiting the viewpoint offers views of the same dramatic landscape of sandstone cliff formations as Logas Beach! 

💡 Insider's Tip: There is no reason to walk further to the edge of the cape or to the small cove that a boat rental company is unless you plan to rent a boat. It is a tiny cove where small boats leave from the same area where you can enter the sea. The cliffs are slippery and, in most cases, not a pleasant place to swim or lay down and relax unless you are lucky and visit the cove during the low season and the sea is calm on that day. If you decide to visit the small cove, please park your scooter, ATV, or car in a safe spot and don't drive to the cape where the road ends. It is dangerous and illegal. Additionally, please avoid reaching the edge of the cliffs, as the cliff might be undermined.

Cape Drastis sandstone cliffs formation entering the sea with green vegetation on top of them


Achilleion Palace

Achilleion Palace was built by the Empress of Austria Elisabeth, also known as Sisi, in 1890. It is one of the most iconic landmarks on the island and features a unique combination of art nouveau and neo-classical architecture. Its terrace offers stunning views over the Ionian Sea and it is home to several Greek-inspired sculptures, including the famous statue of Achilles. Unfortunately, the palace is under renovation. Click here to check if it is open (Google Maps) to visitors or check at the Museums' official website here. (Please be aware that they may have only opened the garden to visitors.). If you plan to revisit Corfu, consider visiting the fully renovated Achilleion Palace then!

Must visit Achilleion Palace when in Corfu
The 'Peristyle of the Muses' of Achilleion (a garden surrounded by columns)

“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.”

G.K. Chesterton

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”

Lao Tzu

Have a lovely holiday time in Corfu!

Yours sincerely,


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