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"Family-Friendly Activities to Enjoy with Kids in Corfu"

Updated: Mar 2


Dear Explorers,

Hello! We are excited to have you here!

Join us on a journey where fun knows no bounds and every moment is an adventure!

Step into the enchanting world of our post, 'Family-Friendly Activities to Enjoy with Kids in Corfu'!

This post is dedicated to Marian!

Marian, an 11-year-old, spent five delightful days in early May (2023) exploring Corfu with his dad. They had the unique experience of zipping around the island on a Vespa scooter.

When Marion's dad asked for suggestions on kid-friendly activities in Corfu, we found ourselves at a crossroads.

Our usual sightseeing recommendations cater to adults, and we had never hosted such a young Vespa enthusiast before.

Thanks to Marian, we went the extra mile, curating a list of all the kid-friendly experiences that would make his time in Corfu truly memorable! And now we are sharing this list with you!

💡In this post, you can click on the establishments - businesses - locations names for directions via Google Maps.

We aim to offer you the best suggestions for enhancing your holiday experience in Corfu. We want to clarify that the local businesses we mention in our blog posts are not sponsored, and we do not receive any rewards from them.


Easily navigate to your favourite activity - experience using the content list below, or preferably, enjoy reading the entire post!


Visit a waterpark (Fun activity)

Visit a folklore museum  (Fun + educational activity)

Pirate ship (Fun activity)

Olive soap factory ( Educational activity)

Olive oil tour and tasting(Educational activity)

Danilia Village(Fun + educational activity)

Visit a horse farm(Fun activity)

Corfu aquarium(Fun + educational activity)

Corfu sea discovery(Fun activity)

Planespotting (Fun activity)

Learn some Greek words (Fun + educational activity)


Interactive map including family-friendly activities to enjoy in Corfu with kids!


Swim at the sea and play in the sand!

Your holiday time is a great chance to spend quality time with your young ones. Do spend much time at the beach but never leave the children unattentive.

Play with the sand, build sand castles, spend time jumping over the waves, and bury each other under the sand. The sand play has scientifically proven developmental benefits for children.

Build sand-castels

 Bury eachother in the sand

 Jump waves

Some of the sandy beaches are:

Agios Gordios beach (it is sometimes dificult to find a free car park spot)

Kontogialos beach (steep hill)

What to do in Corfu with kids, build sand castles
Build sand-castles

what to do in corfu with kids -bury each other in the sand
Bury each other in the sand

what to do in Corfu with kids- jump waves
Jump waves

Visit a water park.

In Corfu, there are two waterparks:

Aqualand Corfu (it is the biggest waterpark) and Sidari water park.

What to do in Corfu with kids - Visit aqua land
Aqua land Corfu

Visit a folklore museum.

We highly recommend visiting both the Casa Parlante Museum and one of the folklore museums in rural Corfu! This way, you can notice the significant differences between urban and rural lifestyles.

Casa Parlante is in Corfu's old town.

Sinarades Folklore Museum is in Sinarades village, near the island's west coast.

Acharavi Folklore Museum is in north Corfu.

what to do in Corfu with kids - visit folklore museums
Casa parlante

Must visit in Corfu with kids, Folklore museum of Messi Sinarades Corfu
Folklore museum of Messi Sinarades Corfu 📷 : My Kerkyra

Pirate ship

Take a mini-cruise around the Corfu coastline with a pirate ship.

what to do in Corfu with kids - pirates ship
Pirate ship Corfu

Olive soap factory

Visit Patounis olive soap factory in Corfu town. Their location has preserved functioning tools and equipment since 1891, and it is a living memory of the unique local tradition. Because of this, the soap factory has become a popular attraction for tourists and students, as well as the subject of academic studies. The Greek Ministry of Culture has also listed it as a monument of industrial heritage.

what to do in Corfu with kids - patounis olive soap factory
Patounis olive-soap factory

Donkey rescue center

The donkey rescue centre is located near Doukades and Liapades' traditional villages. Be prepared to park on the main road and walk to reach the rescue center. If the weather is hot, visiting the donkey center early or later in the afternoon would be more advisable to avoid the heat.

Visit with your family and kids the donkey rescue center in Corfu

Corfu donkey rescue center - what to do in Corfu with kids
Donkey rescue center

Olive oil tour and tasting

In Corfu, numerous small olive oil fumily-run factories offer olive oil tours and olive oil tasting sessions. Some of them also have a small showroom- an exhibition where you can view the old olive oil-making process tools. To avoid unpleasant surprises, ensure the establishment you plan to visit is child-friendly before bringing your children along.

Some of them are:

Enotis olive groves & Museum(Free entrance & tasting)

The Governor (please consider that during the olive tour, they share a lot of information, lasts a long, and maybe it is not suitable for young children, but ideal for adults and teenagers)

Please tap on the establishment names for directions.

what to do n corfu with kids. Enotis museum
Enotis olive groves Museum

Danilia Park & Museum

Danilia Village is a beautiful replica of a 1930s Corfiot village.

The village has hosted several movies notably for the James Bond film “For Your Eyes Only” and most recently for the filming of the smash hit ITV series “The Durrells”.

what to do in Corfu with kids - Danilia village theme park
Danilia, village theme park

Visit a horse farm.

Corfu has a few horse farms, and most also offer horse riding options.

If you're looking for a peaceful spot to relax and enjoy a refreshment in nature, consider visiting the small cafe in Silavland. This charming cafe, which is surrounded by a pine tree forest, is open to everyone and doesn't require you to go horse riding to enjoy its tranquil ambience.

Before visiting any of them, please ensure the children are welcome!

what to do in Corfu with kids, visit silvaland, horse farm
Silavaland Corfu 📸: Tripadvisor

Nautilus Underwater Experience

This boat has a glass wide-angle bottom format that displays a unique field of view of up to 170 degrees reaching 13 meters wide in shallow waters. It is your window to the deep blue sea that the west coast of Paleokastritsa offers to divers and snorkelers! You can view more details here.

what to do in Corfu with kids, Nautilus boat Palaiokastritsa
Nautilus boat Paliakokastritsa

Corfu aquarium

Explore the Mediterranean marine life at Corfu Aquarium, a small but informative space where kids can learn about local fish and sea creatures.

What to do in Corfu with kids- Corfu aquarium
Corfu Aquarium
Corfu sea discovery

View the underwater marine wildlife of Paleokastritsa without getting wet. Sit in an air-conditioned cabin 6 feet (2 meters) below the surface and admire the panoramic view of the underwater world. There is a combo ticket for the aquarium and the sea discovery boat trip. 

what to do in corfu with kids, corfu sea discovery boat trip
Corfu Sea Discovery
Sea water inflatable fun park

Visit an inflatable sea park and spend some time playing with your kids! Please consider that you can find this type of park in various locations in Corfu. Some are Dassia - Ipsos aqua arena (near Moby Dick restaurant) , Kavos, Glyfada, and Kondoyalos. An inflatable sea park needs the sea to be calm to operate. Stay away from visiting one on a windy day.

Inflatable sea park

Visit Kanoni Harbour (near Corfu town) and watch the aeroplanes landing! You can either watch the aeroplanes from the Kanoni harbour (plenty of parking space available) or watch them from one of the cafes above the harbour.

Planespoting in Corfu kanoni harbour_Must do experinces

Must do activities in Corfu with kids - planespoting Kanoni Harbour
Planespotting Corfu 📷: Karin Halm (via Google Maps)

Learn some Greek words

Learning some Greek words with your kids can be an enjoyable experience!


Sugary treat

For a sweet treat, consider visiting Hans & Gretel, especially suitable for young children who will love the decorations.

Things to do in Corfu with kids

Marian (the young Vespa traveller to whom this post is dedicated) provided us with some of his favourite landscapes in Corfu. He loved the walk to Porto-Timoni Beach, and he also liked Logas Beach and Sidari. Marian also loved the experience he had at the Aqualand Waterpark!

Remember to wear sturdy shoes, sunscreen and a hat when enjoying the outdoors.

We hope you find inspiration in this post on what to do with your children in Corfu! Whatever you choose to do and share with your children, the most important thing is to show them love, and respect and remain present!

Have a wonderful holiday time!

Kindest regards,


P.S. Before you leave, consider checking out our post "Must-Do Activities for an Unforgettable Corfu Holiday Experience." You will find some teenage and kid-friendly activities that you might enjoy experiencing here in Corfu!


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