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To Rent or Not to Rent: Corfu Choosing the Ideal - Best Vehicle to Rent - Bicycle, Car, Moped, Scooter, Motorcycle, or ATV?

Updated: Feb 18

Dear traveller,

Hello, thank you for visiting our blog! In this post, we share our honest thoughts and opinions based on our company's experience renting Vespa scooters to travellers and our personal driving experience on Corfu Island.

Our goal is to provide you with helpful TIPS and information and to assist you in determining whether renting a bicycle, a car, an ATV, a moped, or a scooter - a motorcycle for your vacation in Corfu and Greece is the right choice. With an emphasis mainly on two-wheeled vehicles, travellers' safety is always our foremost concern.

If you need help figuring out if it is a good idea to book a scooter or a car during your holiday time in Corfu, please keep reading; our post will help you make a more confident decision.

Firstly we must decide if you need to rent a rental vehicle during your holiday in Corfu, before deciding the best rental option for you.

The answer depends on your holiday goals and personal needs!

Suppose you need to relax and spend time cocooning at your accommodation. In that case, you might not need to consider renting a Vehicle. If, on the other hand, you are eager to make the most of your holiday time exploring the island and experiencing all its aspects as much as possible, then you will need to rent a vehicle!

You can maximise your holiday experience in Corfu if you can travel and move around at your leisure. For instance, if the sea is too rough on the island's west side and it's not to your liking, you can easily and quickly head to the eastern part, where the sea will be calmer that day. When riding, you can stop whenever and wherever you like if you see something interesting that catches your eye. If you have any, you can change your plan based on your mood and liking of each location you visit and explore. Following an organised excursion offers you only a little flexibility. Riding your vehicle provides freedom and the option to follow your present mood and instinct and, let's say, allows you to be more spontaneous!

Corfu is smaller than Crete Island, but still, the distances are pretty long, and we only recommend renting a bicycle if you are an experienced bicycle rider. Corfu has a lot of hills, and during the hot summer months, it is hot to ride under the sun every day for long distances. Additionally, there is a lot of traffic. If you love bicycling, we recommend renting an e-bike. It is an ideal option as a 1-day or 2-day experience (based on our personal opinion). Suppose your accommodation is in the Northern or Southern part of Corfu. In that case, finding routes with few hills will be easier.

Early spring and early autumn months are ideal for a bicycle ride. The temperature during this time is lower than in summer, and there is less traffic.

You can rent a bicycle or an e-bicycle for a day or two to see how safe and confident you feel riding it in Corfu. Then, decide if you want to extend your rental period.

Corfu Distances & Riding Times by Scooter or Car

We have created a map to help you understand the distances in Corfu Island.

The starting point is always Corfu town. The distance is in km, and the driving time is non-stop, one way, under normal driving circumstances with no traffic jams. The driving time is by car, scooter - or motorcycle (not by bicycle or moped).

  • From Corfu town to Kassiopi, the distance is 36km, and the driving time is 56 minutes.

  • Corfu town to Sidari is 38km, and the driving time is 55 minutes.

  • Corfu town to Afionas is 36km, and the driving time is 57 minutes.

  • Corfu town to Palaiokastritsa is 26km, and the driving time is 40 minutes.

  • Corfu town to Glyfada is 19km, and the driving time is 31 minutes.

  • Corfu town to Issos is 31km, and the driving time is 50 minutes.

  • Corfu town to Benitses is 16km, and the driving time is 30 minutes. (During summer, there tends to be a lot of traffic on that road)

  • Corfu town to Kavos is 49km, and the driving time is 1 hour and 6 minutes.

Please view the Corfu distances map below!

Corfu map showing 8 diefernt distances (to the most popular locations) and driving time to  each location. The strating point is always Corfu town. Each route is marked with diferent colour

If you need to learn - view more about the road distances in Corfu please visit our post "Corfu Road Distances + Driving Time | Interactive Map Included" .

For how many days should you rent a rental Vehicle?

The rental length of your vehicle depends a lot on your travel goals and energy level, as well as your accommodation location.

Suppose your accommodation is within walking distance from the sea. In that case, you may need to rent a scooter or a car for a couple of days and not for your whole holiday period.

On the other hand, if your accommodation address is in a non-resort area away from the beach, you will probably need to rent a car or scooter for your whole holiday time.

Many travellers choose to stay in various - diferent locations during their stay in Corfu. If you plan to do the same, you will need a rental vehicle, car, scooter, or motorcycle for the whole rental period. If you prefer renting a scooter and staying in various locations, please consider that you must travel lightly! Ideally, carry only small soft luggage.

A traveller needs to spend at least (five)5 days exploring different sites and locations in Corfu if one's holiday goal is to experience as much as possible the authentic destination flair!

Corfu is it better to rent a scooter or a car

Which type of rental vehicle should you rent, a car, an ATV or a scooter, during your holiday?

The answer depends on various factors, such as the driver's age, skills, experience, and license.

Riding a moped (50cc scooter), a scooter, a motorcycle, or even an ATV in Corfu is a lovely experience, feeling the refreshing breeze and the sun rays embracing your shoulders! Especially when riding scooters or motorcycles, you can navigate Corfus's narrow streets easily; you can pass by cars and buses trapped in traffic and find a parking spot easily and, most of the time, for free.

To drive a moped - 50cc scooter in Greece, the driver must hold a Car or a moped category driving license (European AM). As mentioned, Corfu consists of many hills; if planning to ride a 50cc scooter with a pillion-back seat passenger, you must avoid visiting some locations with steep uphills. If you are young and beautiful, the back-seat passenger can step off and walk up the hill, but sometimes, this might cause exhaustion because of the summer heat. (Writing this already tells me what I will write next: "Locations to avoid riding with a 50cc scooter and a pillion".

💡Extra tip: if you are considering hiring a moped in Corfu, especially if you are tall or heavy, choose to ride solo without a pillion (back-seat passenger).

If you do not have the correct driving license to drive a scooter or a motorcycle, or if you don't have the appropriate experience driving a 2-wheel scooter or the legal age, consider hiring a car, which will also provide you with the flexibility of driving and exploring the island at your own pace. In our post "Driving license requirements to drive a scooter or a motorcycle in Greece", you can view the driving licensee requirements to drive a scooter or a motorcycle in Greece legally.

If you rent a car, small and medium-sized cars are ideal for exploring the coastline and the local villages and navigating Corfus's narrow streets; additionally, it is easier to park them. When first driving my car (WV polo 2001) and needing to ride through small villages and narrow countryside roads, I remember praying not to meet a car or van coming on the other lane. Even now, when I need to drive my car through unfamiliar roads in Corfu, when I realise that they are narrow and, especially when having a steep hill, I feel my heart beating and hope no one comes from the other lane and that vehicle in front of me not to slow speed or even stop while riding uphill! Writing that, I have a specific road in mind; if you plan to drive to Kondoyalos (Kondogialos or Pelekas) Beach, please be aware that there is a very steep hill.

If you don't have experience driving a car with manual gear, don't rent one during your holiday because the rental fee might be slightly lower. Choose to rent the type of car (probably automatic) that you used to drive - feel confident to ride!

Corfu is it better to rent an ATV or a Moped?

A big dilemma among travellers who want to ride around the island and have only a car driving license but don't want to drive a car is renting an ATV or a Moped.

If you plan to rent an ATV, I believe that ATVs are very noisy and smelly. So to me, they are ideal for a 1-day experience or just a short ride.

Almost none of the local companies will allow you to drive off the road. It is nice to watch adventurous off-the-road riding videos on YouTube. Still, unfortunately, the harsh reality is that it is dangerous. And no insurance covers off-the-road driving experience since it is considered an extreme sport.

If you plan to rent an ATV to ride off the road, ask first the ATV rental company you intend to rent from if it is acceptable and if you have insurance coverage if an incident happens off the road. If you want to rent an ATV and drive off the road, we highly recommend booking an ATV safari tour. You can find more details here " Corfu Adrenaline-Fueled Activities" !

Before renting an ATV, ensure you have the appropriate driving background and experience. Riding an ATV for the first time in a holiday destination might cause stress, especially if you have limited time on the island (1-day excursion from Albania, Paxos, mainland Greece or cruise ships).

During your holiday time, choose a type of vehicle that you are familiar with and have experience driving! You will already go to drive to the unknown and experience a new "land". There is no reason to risk your safety and pleasant experience by driving a vehicle you are not familiar with riding.

What should you consider before deciding to rent a scooter or a motorcycle?

Ensure that the driver has the appropriate driving experience. If the driver has driven just a few times, it is not a good idea to start practising in a foreign country.

Why does that make driving more dangerous in a foreign country?

  • The driver is unfamiliar with the roads or the conditions of the routes he will follow.

  • In tourist destinations during tourist season, there tends to be a lot of traffic in areas not designed to accommodate it.

  • Unfortunately, some tourists may drive under the influence of alcohol or attempt to operate a two-wheel scooter (especially 50cc - 100cc) without any prior experience. 

  • When driving in Corfu, particularly in the countryside, be aware that the roads feature steep inclines and declines. These roads can be relatively narrow, and most need to be well-maintained. 

  • During summer, there tends to be a lot of traffic, so you may have to stop on an uphill or downhill. If the driver lacks experience, navigating these roads can be challenging and dangerous.

  • It is not advisable to begin practising riding with a back passenger during vacation if the driver lacks experience. The condition of the road will make it very challenging and dangerous.

  • Suppose you have 2-wheel scooter riding experience. Choose to rent a scooter with the same or fewer CCs as you have driven. Never drive a higher cc scooter during your holiday time than the one you have practised driving before. 

  • Based on our travellers' feedback that they own and drive BMW GS back home, any motorcycle exceeding 300cc is dangerous and unpleasant to drive in Corfu because of the traffic and road conditions.

We believe that considering these factors before renting a two-wheel scooter is crucial to ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience in Corfu.

Our greatest hope is that our post on whether you should rent a vehicle during your holiday time, what type of vehicle, and for how long will help you make more confident decisions that will impact the quality of your holiday time in Corfu!

We wish you pleasant travels and safe rides!

Respectfully yours,



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