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Corfu Driving Tips

Dear Travelers and Riders, 

This post will share driving tips for your Corfu driving experience. We won't reveal any big secrets, just the reality of what to expect when driving in Corfu.

Driving Regulations and Safety Guidelines:
  • Always carry your driver's license with you.

  • In Greece, we drive on the right-hand side of the road!

  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory in Greece.

  • Wearing a seat belt is also mandatory.

  • Wearing gloves is optional

  • Do not drink alcohol and drive (alcohol level of up to 0.5 ppm is allowed (0.05%)).

  • Make sure to adjust the mirrors before beginning to ride.

Where to park your scooter or your car?

You can park almost anywhere without a yellow line or road signs indicating the opposite. Finding a free parking space for a scooter is much easier. 

  • Please do not park in front of windows, doors, home entrances, or at the Taxi and Bus stations.

  • Avoid parking your scooter between cars.

  • Do not park the scooter with your top case exposed to road traffic.

road driving tips

Navigating Tips and Road Conditions:
  • Always use Google Maps to navigate. It is the only reliable map. However, Google Maps sometimes shares misleading directions. Always listen to your gut feeling and use your critical thinking. If something feels wrong with the route shown, choose to follow a different one.

  • If you are planning to drive in Northern Corfu, switch your telephone network company to manual before starting your ride. Otherwise, it connects with Albanian networks (non-EU countries) and can be costly if in automatic network mode.

  • The roads are in poor condition. While a road may seem well-paved, suddenly, a pothole may appear, or the road may become bumpy.

  • Be aware that black marks on the road might be oil stains.

  • There are many olive groves along the country roads, and the road might be slippery

  • Expect to find gravel and dirt even on the sides of the main streets.

  • Please always check the local signs for speed limits. 

  • Drive slowly anywhere with so many tourists and accommodation options. You never know when you will meet someone walking, running, cycling, stopping in your lane, looking for directions, etc. When driving through villages and small towns, be aware that children might be playing using the road as a yard, and older people and animals might be crossing the road. 

  • Be extremely cautious and keep a safe distance when you see small 50cc scooter mopeds driving on a steep hill. The scooter might not have enough power to reach the top, and the pillion passengers might have to step off and walk. Alternatively, the scooter might be moving at a very low speed.

  • As an extra tip for motorcycle riders, scooters can not lean as much as a motorcycle. In addition, the roads are in poor condition. The front brake is on the right hand, and the rear brake is on the left.

5 raining season driving tips

Rental Procedures and Precautions:
  • If you are used to driving in the left lane, renting an automatic car is better than a manual one. This way, you will avoid some of the confusion the position of the car gear shift handle might cause you. 

  • Before picking up your rented vehicle, check all around and underneath for scratches, blemishes and damages. Record any scratches or damages by taking 📷pictures of them and ensure your rental company knows them. Video recording your rented scooter might not work if it is a well-polished, shiny vehicle like our Vespas. Instead, capture any damages on single photos per scratch or damage.

  • Confirm your rental vehicle return time!

  • Confirm your rental insurance plan coverages.

  • Driving off the road is Forbidden. If you wish to drive off the road, ask your rental company if you are allowed to do so and if you have insurance coverage. 

  •  Never give the vehicle to an unauthorized driver

Safety Gear and Equipment:
  • Always wear your helmet when driving a scooter!

  • Always wear a seatbelt when driving a car.

  •  When driving a scooter or a motorcycle, wearing long-sleeved clothing and sturdy, - closed shoes is ideal. 

  • Use a baby seat or a car booster seat based on your child's age. 

  • Kids can only be a pillion passengers on the scooter if their feet can comfortably touch the footpeg (rear).

Emergency Procedures and Incident Reporting:
  • If an incident occurs, take pictures of the location and the car or scooter damage and inform the rental company you will rent from as soon as possible.

  •  If an incident occurs and another scooter or car is involved, a police or insurance report is needed. And in that case, you must inform immediately the rental company. 

defensive driving tips

We have kept this post regarding "Corfu Driving Tips" as short yet informative as possible. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve it, please comment below! Travellers' feedback is always well appreciated and welcome!

We wish you safe and pleasant driving experiences in Corfu!

Respectfully yours,



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